This is how to Fully Unlock an iPhone 3G

Posted by on 26 January 2009

If you are a developer, geek or IT guru then you should not face any issues reading and implementing the following steps. But if you are doing it for the first time or are just a wanna be cracker, then read these jargon before starting:

  • Firmware: It is the software / OS of your iPhone. This hack is for 2.2 version.
  • Jailbreak: It simply means that to enable your iPhone to be able to install third party applications. In laymans terms it makes your iPhone to install application which are not form the Application store.
  • Unlock: It means that your iPhone can accept SIM from any mobile provider.

PS: Please note, this hack will only work on iPhone 3G with firmware version 2.2. If you don’t have the latest firmware then upgrade it using iTunes. The catch with this hack is that you can only use one unlocked SIM card. In other words, if you ever want to use another SIM, you have to do the entire process again.

  1. Upgrade your iTunes to 8.0.2 by launching it and clicking “Download iTunes” below. Or download it and install it manually.
  2. Allow iTunes to upgrade your iPhone to the latest 2.2 firmware. Don’t worry about the implications (losing jailbreak, unlock) as QuickPwn will take care of this for your. This step is necessary because QuickPwn doesn’t actually upgrade your iPhone. Instead, QuickPwn expects to be pwning the same firmware that your iPhone is on. If you don’t know anything about baseband versions, you can ignore this message. Otherwise, make sure you’ve updated your iPhone to be running on 02.28.00 baseband firmware, which should have been included in the 2.2 firmware update.
  3. Download QuickPwn 2.2 for Windows or Mac. Extract the file and launch the QuickPwn 2.2 application. Then follow the prompt and connect your iPhone to your computer via the USB cable. When the blue arrow button lights up, click it.
  4. QuickPwn is smart enough to detect the firmware ipsw file you downloaded via iTunes (something like C:\Documents and Settings\coderetard\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates\ on Windows XP). If it can’t find it for whatever reason, download the 2.2 restore firmware ipsw file for 3G iPhone1,2_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw directly from Apple’s servers. Then browse to the or restore firmware ipsw file you downloaded. After the green checkmark appears, click the blue arrow button.
  5. On the next page, make sure you select the “Cydia” checkbox. You can check “Installer” and replace logo as desired. Click the arrow button after making your selections.
  6. Now get ready to rumble…
  7. READ THIS STEP THROUGH COMPLETELY FIRST, lest you be caught off guard: Click on the Blue arrow button which will bring up a screen with some instructions (below). Follow them exactly to a tee. Just to prepare, here are the directions: 1) Hold Home for 5 seconds, 2) Hold Home and Power together for 10 seconds, 3) Release Power but continue to hold Home for 30 seconds. Throughout the process these three steps, you DO NOT LET GO OF THE HOME BUTTON until after the third step. I didn’t have to hold it anymore after it counted down to 21 seconds left.
  8. Then sit back and relax while QuickPwn does all the hard work for you, you’ll see some activity on your iPhone screen and hear your computer beep a few times, but when it restarts finally and says it’s waiting for activation, it’s ready to use. Now you can close QuickPwn.
  9. It’s now a good time to set up your wireless network settings on your iPhone 3G so you will be able to connect to the software repositories in Cydia.
  10. Now Launch the Cydia app, which will reorganize then restart. You’ll need to launch it again afterwards.
  11. When prompted at the “Who Are You” screen, just choose the first option “User (Graphical Only).”
  12. Click on the Manage tab on the bottom menu bar. In the Manage tab, click on the Sources button in the middle. You will need to add the source to the yellowsn0w repo to utilize the soft unlock.
  13. Click on “Edit” on the top right, then “Add” on the top left. In the URL, type: as shown below. When you are done click “Done” and then “Browser.”
  14. Now click on the “Search” tab and type “yellowsn0w” and install the app “yellowsn0w.”
  15. For US T-Mobile users, you will need to disable the “Enable 3G” setting in your network settings.
  16. Now restart your iPhone 3G with your SIM card inserted. Wait for the slide to unlock screen and then wait 15 seconds more. If you don’t see the SIM card working, reinsert the SIM and wait another 10 seconds. Now try and make some calls with your newly unlocked iPhone 3G!
  17. For T-Mobile users, continue reading if you have problems:
  18. Download and install BossPrefs and via Cydia
  19. Disable all functions with BossPrefs (don’t worry if you can’t disable EDGE)
  20. Reboot your Phone with BossPrefs (not the normal manual way – this is important!)
  21. Wait a minute and a half when you see the slick to unlock screen
  22. Take out your T-Mobile SIM card and insert it again
  23. Wait for 10 seconds
  24. Go to Settings and turn on Airplane mode, then turn it off again
  25. Take out your T-Mobile SIM card and put in any AT&T SIM card and wait for a minute. Ignore the “Waiting to activate” prompt
  26. Now take out the AT&T SIM card and put in your T-Mobile SIM card again
  27. After a moment you will see the activation succeeded prompt. Now you should be able to pick up a T-Mobile signal

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